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Mike & Meg

The most authentic Mexican cuisine we can get locally!

Phyllis & Hank

This is by far our favorite Mexican restaurant. The food is always excellent and the staff is always professional! The decor is perfect for the occasion as well.

 Heather Bittner

Hands down, the best Mexican restaurant I've ever been at!! My daughter doesn't like most Mexican food ,but loves this authentic cuisine! And the staff always makes you feel at home!

Esteban Veras

Dude!!! Best burrito I ever tasted... You've gotta try the Burrito Supremo Tuesday spacial!!!! I'm so full I can't even finish.

Second time being here. They are following all Covid restrictions. They have done if the best Mexican food in the area. Flavor in every dish. No skimping it short cuts. Very fresh. Hopefully as the virus guess away we can so go back to inside dining but in the meantime please give this place your time it deserves it.


Never been here before now but my fiance raved about it so we came from Allentown to get food to go. It was great! Really well made Mexican.

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